XALIBUR's Forum Application
Wellcome , Server Currently Clossed sorry :d
XALIBUR's Forum Application

You can manage Rank in cs2d, so go apply and make new thread
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 Application For Mod or S-Mod in [Draft-City]

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PostSubject: Application For Mod or S-Mod in [Draft-City]   Sun Sep 11, 2016 12:54 pm

Name : KoKo!

USGN : 152223

How can you do? : im Can Help Players And Kick hackers or arrest

Why you apply For highter rank : For Get Rank,Help player and Kick and Arrest the hackers

If you find Bad players what you will do : I Will Arrest the BadPlayers for 5min or Kick the badplayers

Do you like Me ? : Yes

Where you Life : Palestine

Question 1: In the Name area, do you have to write your real name or your in-game-name (ign)?: No
Question 2: In the How can you do area, what does that mean? : idk
Question 3: In the Where you life area, again... what does that mean?: i Think Where are you from
does that ask where you live? : In Palestine(And Palestine is My Country)
or does it ask where you were given birth on? : im birth in Palestine
or does it ask where you were given life? : iN Palestine
(Your English Is Bad -_-)

Question 4: can I edit the Application form? : Yes you Can Smile

---------------------------------------------Your English is Bad-----------------------------------------------------------
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Application For Mod or S-Mod in [Draft-City]
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